You’ve renewed your passport, arranged the pet-sitter and downloaded the airline’s (mostly useless) app.

All there is to do now is make sure you’re tooled up for the holiday of a lifetime…

Samsonite Prodigy spinner suitcase
This cabin suitcase includes a Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker in case you leave it somewhere, a capacious power bank for gadgets, an easy-reach front laptop and document pockets to speed up security. The combination lock is TSA-approved for travel to the US. Five-year warranty.

BeGlow TIA sonic skincare system
Single-use cleansing wipes aren’t great for the planet. Using dual sonic pulses, this, BeGlow boasts, deep-cleans more effectively than hands, improves the absorption of skincare products and has a face-lifting muscle workout function. The device can be used twice a day — you just need to replace the head once a year.

Brightsounds 2 speaker
Multifunctional products are always a smart choice for reducing luggage, and this light-up Bluetooth speaker is a great example. Ideal for camping, it can provide light and music for up to 36 hours on a charge, it’s water-resistant and includes a power bank to charge your gadgets.

Pocketalk translator
Ease the anxiety of going somewhere you don’t speak the language with this device that knows 74 tongues. It has dual mics, noise cancellation and strong speakers so that you can speak and hear easily in noisy places. The battery lasts seven hours in use, or 10 days in sleep mode. It beats handing over your phone for a translation.

My Skin Track UV
This tiny wearable from L’Oréal is here to prevent any accidental sunburn. The device connects to your smartphone and offers information on how much UV exposure you’ve had, as well as reminding you to reapply cream during activities such as kayaking and hiking.

UNO magnetic cable
Ideal for avoiding a case full of wires, this clever charging cable has interchangeable magnetic tips for different devices. They snap easily onto the end of the cable, which also offers two-way full-speed data transfer, both types of fast charge and anti-fraying features. It has a 10-year warranty, so should significantly outlast your phone.

Anker Wakey​
My new favourite gadget is Anker’s ingenious Wakey, a Bluetooth speaker alarm clock that you place your phone on to wireless-charge. It comes out on Prime Day.

Travel headphones

For the kids
PuroQuiet kids’ headphones

Designed by a dad who realised his daughter had hearing loss from listening too loud for too long, these comfy, plush headphones are specifically for children They limit volume to 85 decibels, protecting little ears, but also offer active noise cancellation. They last up to 16 hours on a charge.

For the audiophile
Cleer Flow headphones

High-resolution audio with noise cancelling that cuts out 99.5 per cent of unwanted sound. They can connect by cable or Bluetooth, include a flight adapter for your armrest, and have NFC for extra-fast phone pairing. The carrycase and interchangeable “deco-rings” add individuality. Lasts up to 20 hours.

For the fashionista
Paww SilkSound headphones

An ingenious way to save packing space, these can be worn as a headband, in a range of colours and patterns. They fold up very small and include a carrycase. Sound-wise, not top-end, but good enough for music and movies on a flight. They last up to eight hours.

Holly Brockwell is a freelance tech journalist and the founder of Gadgette, @holly

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